Signs of Labor

after_labor1After you reach 36 weeks, is a good idea to know how to recognize signs of labor.

There are 6 preliminary signs of labor:

1) Braxton-Hicks contractions

2) Weight stabilization (2 weeks before labor)

3) A burst of energy that lasts 48 hours (2 weeks before labor)

4) The baby drops (between 36 and 38 weeks)

5) Increased vaginal discharge (if it happens before 36 weeks, the baby is coming early)

6) The night before labor you might get diarrhea.

And 3 signs of actual labor (yes you are in labor!):

1) You lose the mucus plug (google it to see what it could look like, not pretty). Do nothing yet, but check for any one (or both) of the next two signs. …continue reading Signs of Labor

What to Pack for the Hospital when You Give Birth

packing_listSo here it is, the day is near: you’re about to give birth! But are you prepared? Do you have everything you need neatly packed? Wait, what? You’re not sure about what you need to pack? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As always, experience is the best teacher, except it comes a little too late. So let my experience be of some help today.

Here is a brief list of things you might want to have packed in a pretty bag a few weeks before your due date: …continue reading What to Pack for the Hospital when You Give Birth

Which Toys Do You Really Need for Your New Baby?

baby_toysIf you are a first time mom, you just can’t beat yourself up: you will make a few mistakes here and there. One of the biggest one we’ve made was to buy all the toys under the sun for our daughter. And most of them always a little too early for her to enjoy them and really appreciate them.

The keyword here is WAIT.

…continue reading Which Toys Do You Really Need for Your New Baby?

How to pick your first baby stroller

strollerI can’t believe I am here trying to help you pick your first stroller, when only a month ago I had no idea which stroller I was going to pick for myself.

But what a difference a month makes, especially if it is spent researching every possible brand and model out there, and test-driving as many strollers as the people at Babies R Us let you.

…continue reading How to pick your first baby stroller

The First Month

home_pregnancy_test1The first month can be tough.

Before you can celebrate¬†becoming pregnant, you need to wait at least two weeks¬†before taking any tests… and those two weeks are the longest weeks ever!

Some women are luckier than others, because they get pregnancy symptoms right away, …continue reading The First Month


amnioSince I am 35 years old, I was given an appointment with a genetic counselor, in order to discuss the increased risks for complications and genetic problem that come with an advanced maternal age.

I’ve never thought of myself as someone of advanced age, I mean I didn’t think I was a spring chicken, but still…

…continue reading Amniocentesis

New Baby Checklist

newbornA new baby needs lots of things, from clothing to baby gear, that’s for sure. But you also want to try and not to overdo it.

There are things that are not really necessary, and the baby will grow fast enough to leave you with some unused clothes if you end up buying too much.

…continue reading New Baby Checklist

Picking My Baby’s Name

nameThere must be no more difficult task than the one of naming your child!

I’m in my 6th month, and you would think I’ve had enough time to come up with something… and sure I have: plenty of names, but never a clear winner. …continue reading Picking My Baby’s Name

Things You Shouldn’t Do Now That You Are Pregnant

drinkSo you’ve just found out you’re pregnant.

You schedule a doctor’s appointment to confirm.

The doctor comes in, asks a couple of questions, tests your urine, comes back and congratulates you because you are indeed pregnant. …continue reading Things You Shouldn’t Do Now That You Are Pregnant